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As an educator, coach, classroom volunteer, PTA leader, and a parent, I know the value of the education, and it is the foundation from which we build strong, solid communities. As an educationist, I see the direct impact of policy decisions on our students. I work with the principals, teachers, families, and the community to support the learning occurring every day in our classrooms.

My top goals are

  • Quality education:

    Every student at the campus has the right to get a quality education without any disturbance. Due to overcrowding, the facilities need to be improving so that everyone will get proper attention in regard to education. One of my ultimate goals is to provide quality in education to make students able to perform well in the job market. By coordinating with teachers, students, and parents, it would be possible to maintain a level of studies that would be beneficial for the students.

  • Mental Health Issues:

     Students on the campus need to get proper direction so that they would be able to grow minds to maintain a healthy mind. Several mental and physical activities will be held to refresh students for their ultimate goals. In the case of safety and respect, I will assure you that nobody will get hurt by physical or mental means. Seniors will not be able to tease youngers that will make the environment friendly for quality education. Parents wouldn’t need to worry about students. There will be facilities and opportunities for the student to groom their minds and to enhance their mental health.

  • Safety and Equity:

Student safety is our top priority and to provide equal and balanced rights to everyone. I will make the campus management strong enough to get maximum support from the support staff. Pieces of training and workshops will be held for the proper institution of educators and support staff to guarantee the high levels of education. Students’ problems regarding everything will be heard, and we will try our best to resolve them. Nobody will feel helpless in any way. Facilitating everyone on the campus is the main focus for us. It will let students get equal rights and equal quality of education. Students’ and educators’ safety is our priority in regard to any physical or mental issues.


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