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My name is Jhansi Kalapala  and I love Fremont and deeply care about the community, which belongs to this school. Together, we are taking the first step towards charting a new course for Fremont’s students! I am excited to represent our community on the Fremont Unified School Board - District 4. Your incredible support humbles me. This campaign is about putting kids first and our success is a signal that parents, teachers, and the broader community are ready to provide the best for our kids.

Let us work together to bring the change. Our kids deserve it.

So, let’s get to work! I want to hear from you—about how to provide families with high-quality options and support teachers and school leaders, and about what solutions our schools need. I know that, together, we can do better for kids. As a school board member, I will enact policies that create school's conditions to be units of positive change. Join us!

With deep appreciation,



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